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Necromancer's Resolve

This Novel has been dropped -------- Foster Locke's life wasn't the harshest it could have been. But it wasn't the easiest either. Despite losing the last of his family and having immense debt thrown on him, getting the chance to keep practicing Martial Arts pulled away, and having a completely messed up sleep-schedule, he usually tried his best to stay positive to the outside world. Of course, that wasn't always possible, especially not when he was staring into the glowing eyes of a man-eating creature he had never heard of before. The glowing message-box that accompanied it wasn't much better either. Not to mention the fact that he was suddenly in a dark forest instead of the train station. This isn't a story of great anguish, inescapable peril, or heroic world-saving. Rather, it's one of a young man trying to get by in a world that seems to try his best to kill him. I hope you enjoy the read. ---

DiceVR · Fantasy

The Godless Alchemist

One night, all of a sudden, everything went dark. The electric lightning on the streets, in the buildings, and above the sky just vanished. All electronics died during the Great Awakening, and it has been this way for 16 long years. Our way of life had been literally bombed back to the Bronze Age in a single night, but not the Bronze Age we all knew – or was there really monsters stalking the world back then? --- Story is written in third person past tense. Contains alot of adult situations. You have been warned!

Erosire · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings


Alexander was a normal teenager like any other. One day he found himself so bored that he decided to return to the old role-playing world he had left behind for the same reason. Another reason for leaving the game was because of his kind of character in the game, a jester who always bothered everyone. so he decided to get his old character back, which was the highest level in the game, but what happens when a sudden event transports everyone in the game to a real version of the game, where everyone lives like real people? ¿What will Alexander do from now on, will he go back to being the same old idiot or has time helped him to grow up? (The image has been taken from google and English is not my first language so the chapters may have some mistakes or bad words)

StairCrux_The_Jest · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Cultivation To God

OskarGD · Fantasy
Not enough ratings