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Tempted By My Boss: Book Two

Tempted By My Boss: Book Two

I was your sky, you were the stars that decorated it. My lonely heart shattered. Who did I forsake, that I should be in such despair. Was this all a dream? Come back to me my love. Please don't let me fall. This is a Sequel. I suggest you read the first one, so you can have a better understanding.

TaniaShava · Romance
Love in Royalty

Love in Royalty

He is Rich, Dominant, heart wrenchingly Gorgeous and Royal. She is Honest, breathtakingly Beautiful, Smart, Quirky and recently Broken - hearted (Single!). And the prince can’t wait any longer for his Cinderella. Finding her step sister in the arms of her boyfriend was the least she had expected. Broken and alone, she moves into a big City and jumps at the opportunity of being the personal assistant to the crown prince. She thinks all her problems would be a distant memory. But it might just be the beginning of it all. And nothing is as it seems. Join the world where love knows no Boundary. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Hello everyone I’m Bandana & this is my very first Novel. I hope you’ll all enjoy it☺️ Please leave me reviews + let me know if you enjoyed my story or if it needs some improvements❤️ PS - Story is Quite fast - paced. Don't like beating around the bush. 1 chapter up daily Instagram - @author_br (Will be posting new updates/ other new informations

Bandanarai · Contemporary Romance
Nurse Kira

Nurse Kira

“We can’t do this” “Why not?” Kira was conflicted. “There’s a no-fraternizing clause at work for a reason. I do not want to get tangled up in all that mess. Its’ best if we keep our distance.” “That can be changed”

TishKim · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings