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Saving My Boss From Disaster

There’s a saying that enemies meet on a narrow road. ... Elena Zhao was born with extraordinary luck. Every time she enters the lottery, she wins the jackpot. Whenever she plays in casinos, the owner is left bankrupt. Unfortunately, this means that she has made many enemies — including the enigmatic billionaire Gabriel Lavazza. In search of a life that includes: not being on the run and an actual love life, the goddess of luck decides to settle down and open a fast food franchise. But on the day of the opening ceremony, an uninvited guest arrives with the intention to kill her — Mr Gabriel Lavazza, who is also the CEO of the fast-food chain. His plans go down the drain when he chokes on a piece of candy. … Gabriel Lavazza was born unlucky. He travels everywhere with a squadron of bodyguards to protect him from surprise assassinations à la soccer ball, falling flower pot, banana peel, and of course, the classic car accident. He thought his luck couldn’t get worse. Then some random woman called Elena ravages a third of his entire casino empire. In search of revenge, Gabriel approves her fast-food franchise application in order to track her down and kill her. Too bad life had other plans for him. Just as he is about to die from choking on a piece of candy, she saves him. …

Rabbitson · Romance
Not enough ratings