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Hate to Love

When Isabelle losses both her parents and has to move in with her dads friend she thinks not all is bad, Until the day before her 15th birthday that is. When her foster dad Mr White starts abusing her and uses her to sleep around with his friends she knows she has to escape and fast. When she gets herself a job she sees a window open and starts saving for her new life away from Mr White and the rest of the men who have made her life hell. She starts her new life in Mexico and finally starts to trust men so when she falls in love with the perfect gentlemen is it too good to be true? Will her foster family find her? And will she be able to keep her old life a secret or will it all come out? She battles through life with her head held high and tries to do right by everyone else which will turn around on her and backfire one night. Follow Isabelle's story and find out.

chelsealeehx · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


_Heather_ · Teen
Not enough ratings