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Amira (GL)

Two lives running parallel. One with curiosity the other with a thirst. I latched my mouth to her nipple, tracing the dusky rose bud. "I am definitely getting paint on you." I push my tongue past the folds, latching on her clit, thrusting two fingers in. I make her scream. "AMIRA" He watches as she screams, face an impassive mask, as he relishes the moment. His needle inserted deep in her nipple, twisting it in. He pushes another just below the ribcage as the sobbing gets louder, puncturing the lung. He watches as the sobs turn to a gurgling choke before fading away. Two points of view, switching between first and third-person narrative. F/F, explicit content, lots of sex and violence

Lesbian_Writes · LGBT+
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Diary of Anne Bolynn

Diary of Ann Bolynn is about a girl who is orphaned when she was just a baby, and soon grow up to become a woman of peace, pride, and a symbol of freedom and independence for anyone who is being tortured in her world.

Nicholas_Chung · History
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