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The Wolf Moon Princess

"What the hell did you do?!" I asked him angrily. "Calm down, Lupe. I know I was wrong to do this, but you have to understand..." he replied trying to calm me down but that would not happen, not after what he did. "I can't! I can't understand, and I will not calm down. I can't believe what you did. You must be out of your mind, heck, you are always out of your damn mind. Urrggghhh!" I raged as I banged the table hard. |.|.|.| Lupe Casanova is an 18-year-old typical girl you will find getting groceries from the local supermarket, but she is far from your average girl. You underestimate her, you will regret it, you wrong her, you will regret it, and if you harm anyone dear to her... oh boy... say hello to the devil for me. ... It was a Sunday like any other as Lupe walked down the beautiful streets of Turkey. Out of nowhere, she felt a hand on her mouth, and in a matter of seconds, someone trapped her into a dark abyss... ~~~ What happened to Lupe? Why did it happen? What secrets will she encounter after regaining consciousness?  Find out by joining Lupe on her extraordinary journey filled with adventure... Please give my story a chance, it's my first time writing, might not be the best but, don't judge a book by its cover, right? Thanks for reading!!

Princess_nobody_hi ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings