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Alluring Magic

Living in a contradistinguish and cruel world between the humans and the enchanters, he never lived a normal life as a kid. He moved out from home, leaving his worthless mother who only knows how to gamble and spend her money on men. He had a hard life earning and struggling to make a fortune for his living. He was just a normal human, a low type of race in his world. Enchanters were exceptional who stood out and get praised among all. He never envies those enchanters who only know how to flaunt their superiority, instead, he felt a repulsion towards them. The only thing he wants is to live a normal life where there are no demarcating races and live to the fullest. He never expected that things will change after helping an old woman and to repay Renie's kindness, she let him chose whatever item she had in her bag. Those were wands, old and dirty. He didn't want to disappoint her and blindly chose whatever wand that caught his hands. He never thought that the wand he chose was something special. Because of the wand everything changes. His life is now full of adventure, mysteries, and danger. The power he holds lures enemies and makes his life never the same as before. UPDATES 2-3 CHAPTERS EVERY WEEK.

heyraeyah · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Reign and The City of Light

Raynanaaa · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings