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The Power of a God in Another World

Our MC is Riku Akiyama, he was 17 years old when he died trying to save an old lady from an oncoming truck, and upon sacrificing himself for her life, Riku was met with God, and God looked upon his heroics and decided to make Riku his son, and send him into a fantasy world to grow used to his powers, before he would receive his powers in full and hold reign over his own universe. Tag along in this wish fulfillment novel, as Riku learns that being a God is quite hard, and near omnipotent powers is harder to hide and get used to, than one would think. I wrote this quite some time ago, before I began writing Fan Fiction, and this work will have quite some problems I am revising as I release the chapters I have stocked up, and they will be a little short but will improve as I combine and improve some chapters to make them satisfactory. I own this story to my knowledge, as I created this world from scratch, but if I happen to be copywriting something, then the rights of which I'm copying go towards it's respectful creator.

southgamez · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Bored in the Multiverse

Wish fulfillment book so not too accurate. World 1 Azur Lane

Owen_Videos · Fantasy
Not enough ratings