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Mask Warriors Wind DA Kocan

Special People - Mask Warriors Wind DA Kocan Wind DA Return - The Ocean King The Beautiful world has turned into old dried land, black and poisonous water of ocean, and crumbled city, at least that were how'd happened in some places. It was caused of destruction by Smokers. Smokers are the evil monsters occurred when the huge pollutions spread out over the world. On the east side of Nuasa, Timur side, in Fallen Sky City, something appeared as the counter of the disaster. It's called as Wind DA Kocan, it could be means as the warriors of world. A young man has been chosen, to lead the force. A single man army, to against the rampages of Smokers that appeared in the world. His name is Max, strong wills man, with kindness and never give up mind. Inherited the power of universe, he stand against the Smokers as Wind Red.

14Ravenger ยท Martial Arts
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