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Follow your dreams , passion , love and fate.

deepaknr · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Sorian Antipas and the Hidden Order of Shadows

Sorian Antipas, a human boy blessed with the rare gift of magic. Sorian's life hasn't been easy. He has experienced losing a parent, he lives with a neglectful parent, and he is forced to keep his gift a secret from his father. When Sorian is seventeen, he is presented with an opportunity to seek out and join a guild of magic wielders like him, where he can hone his skills in hopes of liberating his magical brethren.

Josh_Van_Trip · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Natural Disaster

It is the year 2764. Russians have established a lab in London. The four elements, fire, water, earth, and wind we're their desires. The elements were placed in four teenagers, they we're created to rehabilitate the world. A doctor named Lucas Henricks has the secrets to their plans. Emma, Noah, Lily, and Troy must find this doctor and figure out a way to stop Ballestin, the name of the laboratory. The group of elements have never meet before but they can feel that they are connected in some way, and they are correct. Noah is the only one who knows what lies inside the lab and he will need to be the one to lead the group through their quest.

AsKiTrist · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings