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Fantastic Life Tycoon

A story about Bryan Best who ends up in 2013 with an Empire System and rises to the top. This is his journey from a college student to the leader of the world. This is a wish fulfilment story and has 18+ elements. "He put the crony in capitalism. " - Obama "Before him, they were just cartels after him, conglomerates" - El Chapo. There was a sense that the world could be ruled by one King, it would be better for everyone. "He is the most generous man alive." - TIME magazine "How much wealth is he hiding offshore" - WikiLeaks. Support the author on - patreon.com/badroad

Bad_Road · Magical Realism

Will OF Dominator(Hiatus)

What will you do if you get a second chance? Our MC dead in the war and got a second chance to reborn in a fantasy world. ************************"************* English is not my native language so that will be a lot of mistakes. I warmly welcome, every suggestion. I will try the best I can. I write this novel to ease my boring life. 2/3 Chapters per week. Words count around 1000. This novel is more of Slice-of-life with smut. Don't worry, it will have a plot. Please support me :: https://ko-fi.com/aharlequin20 you can support me with PayPal [https://www.paypal.me/aharlequin10] My twitter account - Aharlequin[@Aharlequin10] Tags: Slice of life, Harem, Fantasy, Mature, Action, Magic, System, Wincest, Hentai, Smut

ArchbishopOfSloth · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Lack of a God's Blessing - (R-18) - Side Stories

╭──────────────────────────────╮ ┊Full Title: ╰──────────────────────────────╯ ┊Lack of a God's Blessing on This Not So Wonderful Parallel World Baothien - (R-18) - Side Stories └──────────────────────────────┘ ╭──────────────────────────────╮ ┊About Book: ╰──────────────────────────────╯ ┊This book gives you the R-18 content that isn't in the main book. ┊ ┊This is for people of culture. └──────────────────────────────┘ ╭──────────────────────────────╮ ┊Disclaimer: ╰──────────────────────────────╯ ┊Story contains graphic sexual content. ┊ ┊Read at your own risk. └──────────────────────────────┘ ╭──────────────────────────────╮ ┊Tags: ╰──────────────────────────────╯ ┊[R-18] ● [Smut] ● [Incest=Wincest] ● [Twincest] ● [Incest] ● [Wincest] └──────────────────────────────┘

KuroganeOfBaothien · Fantasy
Not enough ratings