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Bleach: Waves In Red Waters.

"Weakness, to me, is the ultimate sin. If you are weak and you have the power to get stronger but you decide to remain where you are, you deserved to get stepped on by those above you. Especially by me, since I strive to stand above everything else." -Zakuro This is a story about a psychopathic young man who subscribed to the philosophy of "the weak get trampled by the strong, so I should become the strongest to trample on those weaker than me" in a slightly more extreme manner. He is reborn into the world with a host of abilities as a race never before seen in that world. Watch as he pushes through all odds on his way to the Apex of the world. Disclaimer: I do not own bleach. The franchise is owned by Tite Kubo. The novel photo is not mine either.

Smoove_Like_Butta ยท Anime & Comics
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