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The life of a rouge

Evie a 19 year old lone rouge she-wolf is content with her life. She moves from place to place teasing the packs, people and rouges. The last thing she wants is a mate but while getting in some trouble with some rouges she meats the one. But her past comes back to hunt her. Will she get a happily ever after or will her past consume her.

Makayla_Burchett · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Enchanted World, Faith

After a huge natural disaster killed almost everyone he knew Zale was out for Revenge. Gods roam this world where magic is everywhere and they are almost almighty. Zale confronts the one responsible for the death of his loved ones, but he wasn´t strong enough. The god, taking a pity on him created a new opportunity for me. This is the journey of Zale as he rises to new heights, studying magic, and surpassing the limits

DevaVentus · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

The Story Of Young Wizard

an orphan meets a wise wizard. (I'm still writing and don't know wha the rest will be)

Kayla_Sharpe · Fantasy
Not enough ratings