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Retribution: Living the nightmare

This is a battle between good and evil, and how they fight the monster who ruined their lives. There's danger. There's blood. Who will stay alive?

Nekohime · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Where Have You Been? (ONESHOT)

'Where have you been?' I finally got the answer to my question. She's been through hell for three years. I finally found her, but I came too late.

Nekohime · Teen
Not enough ratings

Joy Has Gone

Joy Catulay is not the kind of a girl you’d notice in the street — and that’s the way she live her life. She keeps her head down and tries to live a quiet life: dull school, no close-friends, no disruptions. If there are questions about her that remain unanswered, they are questions that even those around her don’t dare to ask. Meanwhile, Jace Jeremias, a spirited young guy, has returned to their academy — having survived a deadly accident. He attempts to resume a normal life, but at the moment he came back, he learns that his friends are falling prey to a gruelling series of murders. His idea of a normal life turns upside down. And now that Joy went missing, and as Jace strive to rekindle the memory of his nightmare while having some episodes of memory loss and traumatic blackouts, he tries to figure out everything and solve this gruesome mystery. Who might be the killer? Could it be him? Could it be one of his friends? And who is Joy Catulay? Where did she go?

Wattyfandude · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings