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Odd One Out

"When everything is extraordinary, everything becomes ordinary." What would happen in a world where everyone has a system? And what if you became lesser than ordinary by not having one? ... System: an AI or supercomputer capable of helping humans accelerate their development either spiritually, mentally, physically or psychologically. Usually lives as a parasite within a host body. Provides services based on tasks carried out by said host.

WidelyGrinning · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Oui Chef!

Alexander Weaver 'WAS' a Prodigy in the Food World. Known for his Pastry and South East Asia Cuisine. Good looking, charming, and have a well-proportioned body.An Ikemen He Becomes a Professional Chef at the age of 11 and the Head Chef of Brasserie Les Halles in his 15. It's all good until he cooked at the UN conference, it's a disaster! Peoples are poisoned but luckily no one's dead. Did the prodigy make a mistake? sabotaged? or simply because he's not a 'Prodigy' anymore?. Then suddenly he's vanished without any explanation. Is he dead? did the Presidents kill him, he quickly becomes one of the most wanted men in the world. People dubbed him as the greatest shame of the Cooking World. As more Prodigies come and go, people started to forget him. And 3 Years later, there's a report that someone saw him in a Rural County in Indonesia?. Where was he in this 3 years' time? Isekai?.What? it seems he's gone crazy. I didn't know why I decided to write this shit. Maybe because of watching too much MasterChef/Hells Kitchen? LUL

NotYourTypicalMan · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

The Young Lord

The strongest person in the multitude of universes is the young lord of an ancient clan. He is too powerful, yet also clueless about the real world. One day, the strongest persons father tells him to leave home and learn to live independently. Become his own person and maybe fall in love? Follow as Yun, the strongest person in the universes, the Young Lord of the Chen clan, learns about independence and love! ***This is not in the same universe as TDDL***

SN_Collier · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings