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A loud sigh left her dark plump lips as she stood up from the ground and turned towards the man who stood in front of her with a bright smile. "May I know why the white man comes to see little ole me?" She asked in confusion and the man simply shrugged his shoulders as he gave her a small smirk. "Why I just saw you gardening and wondered what might your name be little lady?" The man asked and she stood there looking the man up and down. He seemed to be much older than her 22 year old self and aged around his late twenties at least. A soft smile graced her lips and she shook the hand that was held out for her. "Brittle. That's what momma and them call me" She stated and the mans smirk grew wider as he kissed the back of her hand. "Well that's a beautiful name for a beautiful woman like you" --- This book is set based upon the 1960’s where africans Americans were free but Jim Crow laws were still in action. The year frame will still be 2020 and so on but things will change from then on. This book is not to offend anyone that reads it of any color and is solely off of entertainment. The theme is simply a white man and a black woman falling in love and fighting against racial hatred that people throw at them for being together. Thank you and enjoy.

Bae_Is_Bts · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings