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Becoming A Vampire Queen : Hafling

For over Ten thousand years it hasn't been heard, neither rumored of a woman ruling the Vampire kingdom, but without a male heir there is no other choice but to let the only child rule. No one in the Vampire Community will ever agree to this. Not to talk of the child who has been given this role. The naive, reckless, stubborn, clumsy, and Bipolar child who can't seem to take care of herself, how would she take care of a whole community!? Wanting to make her prove that she's able to defend her country, she is sent to the front line of a war between Vampires and Witches. This two have never liked each other, their war was never ending. What happens when She makes a grave mistake by saving a witch who was pregnant and wasn't meant to be in the battle grounds? What happens when the Vampire community sees her as a traitor? What happens when she's been sentenced to death by her people due to her traitorous acts?.

JHOSalomy ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings