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The Grandmaster's Rebirth

WFP# 32–Academy! GOLD TIER WINNER! The Kingdom Of Almaria was the last hope of humanity. With the forces of evil that have made their way towards all the Kingdoms, only the Almaria Kingdom remains. Protected by the barrier of the heroes' sacrifices, the enemies haven't made their way towards them. With the survivors of the attacks of the Demons, they built a multi-racial Kingdom and made an Academy, training the youths for the future. The Glory Academy that consists of Ranger, Holy Knight, Chaos Knight, Rogue, Fighter, Ronin, Paladin, and, Mage. The other class were elusive and only taught their class to their clan inheritors like Lycan, Druids, and, Necromancers. With our protagonist Stephen, he trains to be a strong person someday. With just the basics of fighting, he was getting stronger by training his muscles. Let us witness the story of a kid on his path of saving the world he resides in. Photo not mine, credits to the owner! No copyright infringement intended. Copyright does not belong to mine.

Mel_Aniv · Fantasy