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Princess Not in Distress

Ever heard of the word, "damsel in distress"? Ever wished these damsels were never in the position to be in distress? A princess who doesn't need saving, she's a beautiful, feisty, strong willed, unconventional and witty princess who is for some reason caught up in the mess of the dispute between two kingdoms. She has to bend the situation to her will and her captors are in for a pleasant surprise. Daily updates! Do check back daily Mass release every Friday This is a story for the WFP #29, please do: ¶ Add to your reading list ¶ Vote ¶ Drop your reviews ¶ Care to participate? Join the Collection section in my auxillary chapter. ~~~~~~~~~~ | Sneakpeak | ~~~~~~~~~~ "Guards, stand down." The King ordered. "Mill, where's the princess who was said to have been captured by your guards?" "Umm... about that-" He ruffled his blonde hair, disheveling it in the process. His eyes trailed over to the said princess who still held her smirk. "This insolent, uncultured lady is the princess?" He took a quick scan of her outlook in disgust. Sir Mill retreated in his shell, neither could he speak on his brother's attitude towards this unpredictable princess behavior nor the fact that she was the cause of his bruised face. °Watch it you moron! it might just cost you your tongue° She thought as her brows twitched in annoyance. Looking behind her, she pretended not to know who they were talking about. "Do you mean the beautiful, elegant and cultured princess?" She pointed towards herself, flashing a big grin. The king raised his brows at her uncanning behavior. "Your behavior isn't befitting a princess, and I seem to rethink my decision to bring you here." °The news about the princess, most of it must have been all a rumor° The king thought, shaking his head in disappointment. "Kidnapped!" Aria chipped in, looking anywhere but the King's glaring eyes. "But I do have something which proves my royalty." Aria reached into her sleeves.

Bloom759 · Fantasy Romance