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Tomorrow's Woman

It’s the American West and with the great Civil War finally over in the East the country is poised to conquer the West and if the people who have lived there the longest are in the way… well you simply remove them. This is the reality faced by one Spanish man in possession of a piece of land his family has fought and died for through many generations to hold onto. What do you do when you’re the father of a boy to young yet to fight and a headstrong daughter too rebellious to listen? This is his story in some ways. A story of how a man bargained against the odds to save his children. Sometimes the thing needed most is a heart not past being able to love. Even as love is more powerful than bullets so too is the desire of a Drifter, whose past reflects a bitter reality of what can happen, when a strong man isn’t around to protect the ones he loves. Two men from different backgrounds, but with a commonality of the heart and a desire to see justice done. The one thing in the way of both of them getting what they want being the hot blooded daughter of a man whose lost control over her along with his own fate. Will she heed instruction and learn that there is peace in submission to the right man? Or will she take matters into her own hands and do wildly as she pleases no matter what the consequences may come to be? Stories by Aedan Sayla author of Christian Erotica – If you would like to read erotic stories between men and women as God ordained for it to be without any of the kink of modern sexual deviancy thrown in then give my stories a read. They’re not vulgar, but entirely classy. They don’t obsess on being dirty, but they’re highly erotic. They’re not drenched with clichéd plotlines, but are highly engaging stories with characters worth identifying with and even cheering for. My stories are entirely righteously erotic and that is truly by design.

Daoista7qVJn · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

A Russian Rose

Anya knew that one day they would come for her. Never would she be forgiven for what she had done in Russia. Her life of lies was all she had and yet even that was put at risk by one man. A man with the power to lock her away, and yet….. Caleb Branigan was a man with a past, and settling down as a sheriff in a small sleepy Texas town was his way of escaping from the world of before, where there had been no happily ever after story. The last thing to be expected in a town like Saloosa happened, though with the addition of one 5’7” blonde sent from Russia with a Do Not Disturb sign written across her face. What can a man do when an exotic toned vision of all a man could want suddenly awakens a desire to dominate and dream once again and yet doesn’t want the attentions of any man? A Russian Rose is the story of two damaged people awkwardly finding a way to come together to form a union based on love, mutual respect and heated desire. Theirs is a story that builds slowly to the heat of a wildfire that won’t ever die. Disclaimer: This story features wholesomely depicted erotica that features traditional gender roles.

Aedan_Sayla · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings