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The moon goddess mistake

Everybody, Everystory ,Everymovie all says The moon goddess knows what's she's doing what best for her wolf children......blah blah . Nobody ever thought of how the moon goddess fucking feels... well will you blame the wolves she up there and they are well... down here. What happens when one day in the moon heaven, the goddess Selena was feeling down, sad, depression, miserable, melancholy you name it. Because of the loneliness in her heart ,seeing all her creatures happy but herself the supposed creator .She took a heavy glass of her moonly wine,she then paired the opposite of what a "mate"is supposed to be " hate". follow Alexander and Jessica story as they navigate the treacherous path of the mate bond with the moon goddess's mistake threatening their every step.

Mary_Beatrice_Egar ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings