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Vincent’s Betrayal

She was always her twins shadow. The dark silhouette that hid in the background while her sister took all the attention on the front lines. She became invisible to everyone, through no fault of her own. She never wanted a mate, because she knew from the moment she met him he would never accept her. She knew her sister would be the favourite even to him, her destined soulmate. The young she-wolf didn't want him, because she knew that she would never be able to have him. Events in her past and her present force her to turn her back on the only place she's ever known and the people she loves. She's thrown into a whole different world all alone because of her mate, Vincent's betrayal. I’m Rg-Wolfe, an aspiring author. I’ve always stuck with Wattpad for my idea spilling needs and I’ve decided to try a new platform. I hope you enjoy my story and follow the crazy journey you will take through the eyes of Hadley Bailey. I promise you, you won’t regret it! *WARNING* This story contains mature themes, strong language and violence! If this is not for you please do not read.

RgWolfe · Fantasy Romance
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