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The Reason I Burn For You

She was an opium flower, he became the chilled morning dew_ both were equally poisonous in love. An alpha no more than a moth, desiring her was a flickering fire. Beautiful, cruel fate meant to burn him and make her fade away. The steel blue soul penetrating orbs and an alpha true to his title with the hope of finding his mate faded since long. Loneliness eaten heart beating inside his desired outer then that fallen angel happened to step inside his territory. Oh! My bad. A fallen demon, she was destructively brave, a fierce rough vampire. Everything about her was forbidden yet inviting to his hardening heart. The fire she possessed was bound to burn him but he was willing to jump into that pit of hell that even Grim pitied him. A forbidden love tale of unfortunate lovers... The Reason I Burn for You #Edited by @Aysel_Inara.

QueenRani6 ยท Fantasy Romance
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