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Imprisoned by Silk and Gold.

"You hit your head, Delany. You hit it when you were six. You looked dead, probably why your brother left you alone." "I don't have a brother dad and you don't have a son." Thomas looked broken and his eyes started to water. "I have a son. He is 12 years older than you. He has black hair and hazel eyes. He looks just like your mom! Thomas's eyes watered. Your brother had been brainwashed by his luna bitch to take out her rival pack...and that was us, Delany. Your brother killed my wife and led the attack on our entire pack. They slaughtered everyone, women, children men they killed everyone!" "This is the lowest shit you could ever pull dad." "Just look for yourself. Like I said. you lost your memory. You woke up and couldn't remember anything except for me and your mom i thought it was blessing in disguise. it meant my baby girl didn't have to remember the mass genocide of her entire pack. I mean just look at the photobook. It's all their." I couldn't help watch my teary-eyed father break down. He pointed to a photo book on the table and I reluctantly picked it up. Of course, I wished there was some magical excuse for his shit but I knew this idea was absolutely absurd. Until I opened the photo book. My head suddenly spun and an inner voice told me to keep going. Going through the pictures was startling. There I was, running around with distant but familiar kids. I had grandparents, and they looked in love with me. And I had a brother! My dad was right, he looked like my mom. Actually, we looked a lot alike too. Memories of a past life flooded my mind. I'm from a pack of werewolves. A large and happy pack. And then my stomach dropped. My brother's wedding was a murder scene. I watched as my memories flooded back into me and I watched my loved ones being slaughtered by my brother's mates pack...on his command! My heart began to break as I watched my mother's sad eyes. She had amber color eyes. They were soft and loving and I watched as she was sliced apart by large wolves. Her eyes her distorted and bloody. She was gone. How could I ever forget? I fell to the floor in pain and a voice told me to hold it together. "I know how rough I've been on you but I needed a wolf. And I thought if I was rough, you would..." I had so much anger. I wanted to rip my brother apart. I wanted to slice that mate of his into a million pieces. "I know what you were thinking dad. You were thinking about uncle Peaty. You were thinking of how his anger changed him into his wolf at 10 years old. I wish I could have been a stronger daughter for your father. I wish I could have been there for you." I stood up with a sense of conviction. I finally understood it. My father had dealt with the over baring pain of the loss of his entire pack. As Alfa, the pain must be unimaginable. During the slaughtering, he felt each one of his pack members pain and fear. He would have felt each and every one of their deaths. The burden he felt, brought tears to my face. I couldn't help but run into the arms of the man I waited my whole life to get away from. "I missed you, dad! I'm so sorry." "I missed you too, baby girl! It's good to have you back!" This was like having a reunion with someone I hadn't seen in years and then it was interrupted. BANG. BANG. BANG...The front door flew wide open.

PiperShea ยท Fantasy Romance
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