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Bean Kingdom! A World Domination Story!?

#WPC 158 # (Read chapter 1 for full info) There is something wrong with this novel! 0_0 Terribly and utterly wrong! How is it so cute yet so disturbing at the same time!!! This is illogical! The author belongs in an asylum for sure! You’ll think the same soon too! (He also has a main novel that’s even worse!) Kingdom-building. Alright I can get on board with that who doesn’t like some kingdom building from time to time. Non-human one? Alright fair enough. It adds a little spice. Main character is a bean? Are you pulling my leg?! Like seriously?! A spirit bean…. what?! Okay. Real weird, but I can accept this being a light funny read. OH GOD NO. ABORT, ABORT! Light?! There is nothing light about this read! At all! World domination is already a red flag! Give me back my fluffy expectations! But these followers! Why is every citizen of this bean kingdom batshit insane?! That’s it! I’m out! Petition to boycott the author! WHO’S WITH ME!!! RIP…all readers are too traumatized to get their bearings. They won’t be doing much of anything. **** Legit if you don’t enjoy misunderstandings and story becoming slightly dark at times stay out! Thank you! **** Schedule for main novel : 1 Chapter a day Midnight gmt+8 (OR MORE!!!) This one will be updated whenever I feel like it / depending on support it gets. (it is a side-story of the main novel) Editor : My readers pointing out mistakes ^_^ My Discord : https://discord.gg/TccuJPD

Zombie · Fantasy


NOVEL GOT RESTRICTED !!!! CHECK OUT SAME TITLE !!!! (WITHOUT THE RESTRICTED AT THE END) In this world there are gods. Probably fake gods. Or at least they are not how gods should be. Not by my definition anyway. However, they are strong. And I am weak. Well I might be weak but only compared to them. Let me live my life in peace. Please! The unnamed god? Wait you guys believed this crap? I was joking. You guys saw miracles? I sure did not show anyone any. These guys sure have a vivid imagination. *Sigh* I’m not a god you know. I’m just a mortal that did gain comprehension upon divine energy. Who am I? *Blush* I don’t really remember But I really wish I had some godly powers to stop running from these fucks! What’s with this war of gods. Can you guys not just play videogames like everyone else?! Fighting for followers. What’s the point? *Sigh* They say every time you sigh you lose a few seconds of your lifespan. Well then, I’m definitely a Zombie. [¬º-°] ¬ (You know cause I’m already dead) **** Schedule : 1 chapter a day 7 AM gmt+8) Editor : My readers pointing out mistakes ^_^ My Discord : https://discord.gg/TccuJPD

Zombie · Fantasy