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Love in Royalty

He is Rich, Dominant, heart wrenchingly Gorgeous and Royal. She is Honest, breathtakingly Beautiful, Smart, Quirky and recently Broken - hearted (Single!). And the prince can’t wait any longer for his Cinderella. Finding her step sister in the arms of her boyfriend was the least she had expected. Broken and alone, she moves into a big City and jumps at the opportunity of being the personal assistant to the crown prince. She thinks all her problems would be a distant memory. But it might just be the beginning of it all. And nothing is as it seems. Join the world where love knows no Boundary. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Hello everyone I’m Bandana & this is my very first Novel. I hope you’ll all enjoy it☺️ Please leave me reviews + let me know if you enjoyed my story or if it needs some improvements❤️ PS - Story is Quite fast - paced. Don't like beating around the bush. 1 chapter up daily Instagram - @author_br (Will be posting new updates/ other new informations

Bandanarai · Contemporary Romance

Mr CEO's hidden wife

After meeting, he always thought about her, even he didn't sure what is this feeling.. CEO of Brian Group, the most influence and biggest company in Beijing, fallen for a naive girl. Valerie Scott a normal girl for outsider but a little fox in herself.. She tried her best to make herself pure and normal but those nightmares and her past never let her live her life peacefully. Jedrek Brian, the most handsome bachelor courting a girl who he didn't even know.. "Vale try to understand I am innocent, look at my eyes and here smell there is no other woman's scent" "Why are you telling me all those things and am I a dog that gonna smell you? (--_--)" ___________ "Mr Brian, Will you let me go then I can do my work" "I don't wanna, your embrace is the only place I can rest and feel warm" ___________ "Wifey, what about making babies?" ? "........" ??? Let's see if he can make her forget about the past.. Will their love life be happy or complicated??

Dreamer_lord · Romance

Mr. Li dotes his wife

the natural beauty of City Z, He weiwei was known for her 7 years relationship with Li yaojie, the cold and arrogant young master of the Li family. one was a joyous girl while the other was a cold man, will their love get stronger by the obstacles from the entertainment industry? "You're mine, Weiwei" ------------------------------ Hi everyone! this is my first time writing a book so there is mistakes in pronouncation and such. I wantto apologize if my the way I write the stort was not good and can't match with your criteria. thank you!

Leafygirl · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Actress Reborn (Discontinued)

Scarlet Winter age 24, an A-list actress that has won many awards, suddenly dies in an accident. She wakes up to find that she is not in her world anymore. She was reborn as the heroine in a cliche CEO novel. In the novel the heroine had the same name and age as her but her personality was horrible and all the readers hated her. The only good thing is she is described to be a goddess walking among mortals. To top it off at the time she transmigrated and has 5 year twin children because of a one night stand, but she has yet to meet the ML. So now she has to raise the two little ones she has come to love and launch her acting career again. Will she be able to do it? Or will someone hinder her plans? On The Otherside of the Story Ace King (male lead) is the young and talented CEO of Empire Corporations that is a leader in multiple industries. His net worth is in the trillions, he has been described as a God because of his looks, and his IQ is insane. So from that you can tell women (and sometimes men) throw themselves at him. Because of his family and their fame people always have a hidden agenda towards him even when he was young. It made him cold and aloof to everyone but his family. One night at a more casual meeting at club he was drugged by the other party. He didn't want to sleep the woman the other person wanted so he grabbed a random, drunk woman and used her. (I know sounds bad but that is what he thought) The next morning she was gone before he could ask for her name, and she left him 1000 dollars. He spent years trying to find her to when one day he finally did but she wanted nothing to do with him, why? Women would usually do anything to be with him but now that he's wanting to take responsibility she says no. He finds out about their children. What will he do? (Discontinued)

BlackRose2004 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Kids To Go

Adam William. J. Hunt is one of the most successful business man in his city district. At the young age of 24 he was crowned the richest man in the city, now 36 he's one of the richest men in the world. Adam here is engaged to the "it" woman of his day. Vanessa Cortwell, a reknowned model and a woman of poise and gracefulness. Together they are the star couple. The richest oil manger and the hottest model. Things are just oh-so-perfect and their pouplarity covers most, if not all the "happening" magazines. Adam and Vanessa had both came to the same conclusions that having kids was bothersome. So marriage, yes. Kids, no. That was how their fate was going to be. But life shakes Adam up when in just one day five different kids show up at his door step and guess what? They're there to stay. But no. Adam wanting to protect his image, legacy and engagement wants the kids to go. But now the question is.... Will they?

melodypender17 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

The Christmas Swan (Horror)

A young red haired woman (Emma) finds herself in an unusual quaint little town with a very charming stranger. Pretending to be his girlfriend she participates in the town's traditions. As the days pass not only do the traditions become stranger but while the other women begin to disappear her connection with the outside world is severed. She can only assume she is next but Mr. charming and the entire town don't even seem to notice the other's disappearing at all. Could this just be in her head or is there something off about the entire town?

SMTozer · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

Truth or Dare.

Rich and beautiful Angela thinks no one will ever know about her dark terrible past..being the only child of a very rich and influential man. Angela never for a moment thought someone would threaten to expose her ..now she's being given the ultimate. You will do as I say or pay the price..her past has reared its ugly head. Angela has to find the blackmailer and deal with him by whatever means..no one will hurt her again

Legacy_za · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings