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The Mysterious Black Magician

The Mysterious Black Magician

RPG STYLE NOVEL, MC DOING QUEST, KILLING MONSTERS, LEVELING UP, GAINING SKILL, AND etc... SYSTEM Deity, a newly invented modern gadget that helps humans to breakthrough their limiters. WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS A HIDDEN GOLD!!! Our protagonist Yman Talisman was a young man, 17 years old, and an orphan. After he found out that he had a Hollow Cell symptom, he rejoiced. Now there was a way for him to cure his ill sister. But on the day of evaluation exams, because of an incident, he was late and only managed to get the weakest magic skill among the rest. How could he fight monster to monster when his magic was the weakest and no used for fighting. No group wanted to let him joined them. In order to cure his sister, he had no choice but to fight monsters alone. When he finds out about a certain item that able to heal any kind of illness, he left the city and delves into adventures to search for it. Warning: If you are a fan of a novel that an MC is op at an early chapter, then it might be not your cup of tea. The MC in this novel will slowly build up his character from attitude - to - power. For those who wish to read where MC not bullied much, you can skim to chapter 30 or 50. Message me at discord if you have questions and suggestions: CloudSky#4375

Fhrutz_D_Hollow · Fantasy
The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon

The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon

The strongest Magician, Ethan, was bored since he was unmatched among his humans peers, then, he challenged the Dragon King, after fighting for 1 week in a roll, both him and the Dragon King perished. He thought it was the end of his boring life, but he suddenly open his eyes again and as he inspected his body, he was a.... Snake? Fate surely love to do jokes. OBS: I found the cover in the google, i do not own it.

_SupremeBeing_ · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings