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Journey Of A Legend

[ON HIATUS!] Please read my new book Cultivation Through Artifacts! ----------------------------------------------- "Would you make a deal with a Soul for power and glory? To become the best? The Supreme? But with huge consequences and struggle? After knowing that death is all the time behind you or that no one will remember of you after you succeed? After knowing what terrible things awaits you, would accept the offer?" ----------------------------------------------- "One day Altars with strange stones in it appeared all around the world. After humans realized the roles of these stones, people with unique powers started to appear one after another and the world started to change in a rapid pace. To make it worse dimension zones appeared out of nowhere on different points of earth with creatures like demons, devils, fairys, spirits, sacred animals or monsters in it. Slaying these creatures humans started to gain bigger and bigger power until Godhood and Immortality was not a dream anymore. However as time went by, strangly, no one could become a god nor an immortal..." ----------------------------------------------- This is a story, where a boy named Greg, whose life was always at the bottom and was filled with struggle and loneliness, suddenly changes, because of an unknown fate. "If God comes to stop me, I will surpass God! If heaven is about to collapse, I will be the one to support it and if my destiny is set in stone, I will change my fate! That's how I think it should be and that's how you should too." Come and follow our legend on his journey as he surpasses everything and anything on his way! Come and watch as he steadily reaches the top and uncover the unknown mystery behind his destiny! -----------------------------------‐----------- If you like Gods, Demons, Monsters and different kinds of creatures, with a main character, which breaks through every obstacle, then I think this is your book. However, this is not the common face slapping, super genius MC as you always read. No. This is something much more special, so you need patience:) _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Author's thought This is very first novel that I try to build up to be great, so if you have anything that you don't like please feel free and write me on discord. Also, after every 500 ps, I will post an extra chapter!! My discord server: https://discord.gg/p226Y6vQ -------------------------------------------- *The Book Cover is not mine. Credit goes to the owner and if its needed I will take it down!*

Gery_ · Fantasy


A princess is forced into hiding when her own brother kills their parents and forcibly takes over the throne. In order to save her country, she had 2 options: Marry the powerful king from another kingdom or seek out the elusive vampire-witch to become the strongest vampire-sorceress! The question is: Why not both? But is taking back the kingdom all she needs to do?

AerialClove · Fantasy Romance

The Deep

Gaia is a planet like no other, terrestrial like Earth, but full of sapient races, mysteries, and the most important of all - magical energy called Mana, that brings to life horrendous, magnificent, and beautiful things and creatures to existence. On this planet, there's something that receives a variety of names - The Deep, Abyss, Dungeon, Eternal Darkness etc. -, a hole so deep that you can't see the end and is present across the globe. Lots of adventurers - the so-called Delvers - risk their lives daily to explore this dangerous place in the hopes of bringing back fame, glory, fortunes, and prestige, just like the first Delving Expedition, realized by legendary figures, that delved deep a long time ago and came back to share the history, with incredible loots and histories of Mythical creatures that were long supposed to be only the fruit of a creative mind. Embark on this journey of the life of the adventurous Garael, who braves trough "The Deep", discovering and living exciting and awe-inspiring moments, seeing unimaginable things, all that while he recovering lost memories about a mission to help the planet given by a mysterious creature. This story is a mix of the first and third person, intended to help make the reader feel and experience what's happening with the MC. I do like serious stories, but a bit of humor needs to be in the mix, so I warn you that this novel is full of jokes that will make you laugh - or cry because it's extremely bad. Take your seat and enjoy it! Thanks for giving this story a chance. I hope you can enjoy it and learn a lot from it. The inspiration came from games (mainly RPG ones that have Dungeons), the fantastic anime Made in Abyss, the marvelous novel Library of Heaven's Path, that increased my latent desire to write, and a lot of other things that I came across after the initial thought was formed. There will be similarities with some common things of the real world and games - like slimes -, but similarities with real people, companies, government, etc. are mere coincidence. English is not my main language, so I'm sorry for not being able to express myself the best way possible and for the grammar mistakes that I may do unintentionally. I'm working on it.

Mukjz · Fantasy
Not enough ratings