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Solo Journey

Solo Journey

I died... I got a second chance at life. Let’s see this plays out. [My first story. I’ve read a lot of these kind of books and it just made me want to write my own. There may be a few or maybe a lot of mistakes but nobody’s perfect] Creation is hard, cheer me up! VOTE for me!

SoloLegend · Fantasy
Blood Mates. Mr. CEO is my Soul Mate?

Blood Mates. Mr. CEO is my Soul Mate?

-Sneak peek into Chapter- You stole my first kiss and this is what excuse you give me?! Shen Yue stared at the shameless man with incredulity lacing her eyes. "I am not fully confirmed yet." He announced. "Huh...?" Before she could hold him accountable for stealing her first kiss, she was pulled forward and kissed again. This time even more fiercely... No... Not my second kiss too! -End of Sneak Peek- Shen Yue, an aspiring actress in her previous life has been assassinated on her twenty-fifth birthday when she was about to receive her grandfather's inheritance... Little did she know, she would travel back five years back in the past to the point where her career started... Aware of the natures of those around her and the opportunities that would ensue in the future, she is determined to make the best of this chance and get back in this life what she couldn't in her previous one... However, her plans are all thrown out of the window the moment she catches the eye of the formidable man, Gu Yuefang...

Author_Shizu · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings