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Forever in My Heart and Mind

Tasha, is a wattpader since 2016. One day, while browsing online, a post from a wattpad page caught her attention. It asked that who wants to join a group chat. Then she joined, to gain new friends who have the same interest. Little did she know, this group chat will soon to be her shoulder to lean on, that they'll treat each other as a family. There's this boy, who got her attention. And its Jerome Pagcaliwagan. Among almost 50+ people in group chat, he is one of her closest friend. But suddenly, something unexpected happened. All of them didn't expect this situation. But they don't have the choice to accept the fact that what happened is happened, you can't change the fact. All you have to do is accept, move on, and move forward. But its hard, most specially to Tasha. But she doesn't have the choice. No one will change if she will not accept and forget what happened. That's why even though it's hard, she's trying her best to live normaly and happily after what happened. She's trying her best to be passionate. She's trying her best to make her friends happy. Because she knew, like her it is also hard for her friends to digest what happened. That's why that will never be forgotten. It will always remain forever in her heart and mind.

tashieyanna ยท Teen
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