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Moonrise on Earth

Hundreds of years ago, monsters took over Earth. Saving it from pollution but destroying most of human kind. A few escape and take a mixture that gives them special abilities. For years they live in space, terrified of going back to Earth a fighting the monsters that ruined their fellow humans. Cithara Blythe is the daughter of one of the most dangerous super humans and a council member who refuses to fight violence with violence. She has powers no one has had for a century. She fights her inner demons, her anger issues and at home problems as she gets to control her unwanted powers to keep from killing the rest of the human population. Cithara is sent down to Earth, risking her own life for other super humans to live with no monsters. Her and four other kids wander around Earth, recall!long stories of the land and sky, trying to blend in with the monsters. Will the five turn into monsters themselves, save the human population, or give in and go crazy?

A_D_diAngelo ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings