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Master of the Warframes (Short Hiatus)

I died. A god pulled the trigger, and hit the wrong damn person. As an apology, I was given a few... gifts. And a chance at a new life. I was even made her "son." So, why am I currently surrounded by warriors? And what's with them letting off fire and lightning, and throwing boulders around? Why is one of them levitating? And what is with this blue box in front of my face? "Hello Operator. My name is Eris. I am here to help you grow." Man... I am so not ready for this. ----- ***I do not own the cover art. The creator and owner is @desperosolace on Twitter. If you would like me to take it down, I will do so.***

GildedGoblin · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Dive An inside account of a tenno

This Book tells about the inside stories during the various events inside the warframe universe in the first few chapters in the form of entry logs but will later be told in the perspective of the tenno I named Talos in my attempt in an almost Neo noir story telling

Mick_W · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings