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Destined mates

l loved my life, very few will say that but I truly feel blessed in my life. We play in the forest, blooming the flowers and creating waves in the river to splash water on each other. We made swings from branches that almost touch the sky. We used to live happily in the sky. Our coven has love and prosperity all around. Our people are loyal and united. But one day Lycans attacked, they destroyed our sweet heaven by their sheer strength. we lost our sweet heaven, family and hope. the queen, ordered me to go and find the strength to win, and so I started a new journey among humans. But what I did not know that shadows follow. And our dark secrets will never leave us. Fenris, the new alpha of Lycans, cursed for not having a mate was searching for his relief. He stumbled upon a human and found the curse could be broken. But the stake was much higher then he could afford.

nishidurani · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Beth is a loner,she doesn't have many friends nor does she want them, she never wanted to be the poplar girl and preferred to stay out of the lime light ,but when the kids from the school with the worst reputation comes to her school then shes going to get lots of attention and all from luke the boy with the worst reputation.

Colleen_Haynes · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings