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God of Virtual Reality(Dropped)

Soory Guys Dropped out due to some malfunctioning in the story I am making a new ID and now my books will be published from that ID and this book will be published from that ID too

Aryan_Adrian · Video Games

The Dragon Law

Half Dragon Half Human, Alan Swift, The son of a Dragon God, 'Thalos' was neglected by his friends, Betrayed by his Love, Blamed on by his own Family for the tragic death of his Mother. He was sentenced to Life-imprisonment but he managed to escape the prison with several arrows piercing through his whole Body. He somehow managed to survive this and reached the 'Dragon Academy'. Dragon Academy situated on Heavell Islands, is a place where Demi-Dragons trained themselves and keep themselves safe from the reach of monsters who are in search of Demi-Dragons. Alan Swift, being trapped between the dragons and humans, The balance of the world is at stake as the biggest enemy of Dragons is about to rise from the depths of darkness. The enemy must be defeated before its rise. The only way to Defeat them is to gain what is lost and lost what is gained. The Prophecy has been told and the future seemed dark for the whole universe. Would Alan save the world and its people who neglected, betrayed and blamed him or would he see the world destroying and do nothing... Chapters per week: 3-4 Length of each Chapter: 1500-2000 Words

Arthus · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

God of Virtual Reality


Arthus · Video Games
Not enough ratings