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War Without Honor:A Call of Duty Modern Warfare Fanfiction

When the Ultranationalists start a war that rages throughout Europe,who will end the war? Will Natalie Price,the daughter of Captain Price,be able to? Or will she die trying to honor her father's name? --- “Only the Dead have seen the end of War” Natalie Price was recruited into the military by her father Captain Price. She's trained to kill and fight for what she wants. When John "Soap" Mactavish walks into Hereford for the first time,will he will aquatinted with her? Will Makarov,a terrorist bent on hunting her,break her? Will Shepherd,A General turned traitor,make her back down? --- Warning:This will have Sex,Bad language,Sexual Assault,Self Harm,and other triggering topics Other Info: THE ONLY CHARACTER I OWM IS NATALIE PRICE. EVERY OTHER CHARACTER BELONGS TO THE CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE FRANCHISE

thatcodwriter · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings