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Daoist8ilj7k · War&Military
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War Online

Williard is an early side character who became a stepping stone for the world's protagonist, Bran. This average gamer real-life hidden identity is a runaway young master of the Scarlet Vultures, a powerful mafia group. One day, he gets killed by the rival gang after getting found out and woke up in the past at the time when his life changed by two events, the death of his father and the release of the world's biggest VRMMO game, War Online. "Ugh, this skill book cost 3000 gold? I only have 500 left. Boys, go and rob the players" "Oh! You are the young master of Paves Group? Boys, go and kidnap this trash and his father and lock them up" "Oh! You want to challenge me 1v1? No thanks. Boys, just round him up and kill him for me" "Did that guy used his large guild to bully you? Don't worry. Just pay us the amount in gold or real cash. We will take care of him and his so-called guild leader" Follow Williard Ravens as he becomes the "Mafia Boss" in War Online using his Mafia brothers. ------------------------------------------ Note: please do read author's review before reading the novel. ----------------------------------------- Author's other current books: My Soul card is a Reaper, Prince of Kpop, Weapon Seller in the world of magic Notable works: The Last Slytherin, The Sharingan Hyuga

Snowstar · Video Games

Heavenly War God

Qin Bei had been defending his country's border for the past six years. Unfortunately, someone had inserted a chip into him to control his memories and emotion, hoping that he would become a tool of war without any emotions. Because of that chip, he could not remember his past. However, the chip was removed by chance and he remembered his family who was left behind in his homeland. When he heard the news about his wife being forced to marry another man, his son being bullied, and his achievements claimed away by his cousin, he was blinded by rage. He returned home alone. The path he took following that was covered in blood. The enraged War God had slaughtered all three family clans that had betrayed him.

Yidam Of Poem And Distant · Magical Realism
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A History of War

Life is difficult enough for a Lirian soldier. Training for ten years, hunting evil deimos, solving crimes, facing powerful weilders, keeping the peace in a tension-filled world, each Lirian soldier has a lot on their plate. It doesn't become any easier if you have to deal with a dark past that looms at every corner. How will Lais Felix and Helen Song, two best friends with tragic pasts, handle life as soldiers while running from their past? Will they manage to escape their tragic beginnings? Or will the past finally catch up to them? Join me at the official server at https://discord.gg/ZsJKhSHfdk. I'll answer your questions and give random facts to those who ask.

Rotten_Avocado · Sci-fi

God of War

"Introduction: A young man with mediocre qualifications wins the chance to be a hero. Since that day, he wandered around the world with no enemies. In order not to leave any regrets in his life, even though his hands are stained with blood, he still couldn't change his belief in becoming stronger. Who was willing to fight with him at the top again?"

Han Li · Eastern Fantasy
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You are lucky to have seen that ad on the market. "Learn at Home! Full Battle Mage Qualification by Mail!" he said. Now, your first battle mage mission is finally here! Finally, you can master the magical arts of elementalism, illusion, healing and necromancy. Yesterday you were just a squire, but today you are an aspiring battle mage! But Sir Kelton says squires aren't allowed to practice magic, so you'll need to act like you really want to be a knight, at least for now. With the powers you unlock, maybe you can win a tournament or two, or be fine with the royal family - you might even try your luck at the game of court politics. Or if you really want to be on Kelton's good side, prove your worth on the battlefield by defeating the mysterious invaders that threaten the borders of his kingdom.

Senhor_do_gamer · Fantasy

Total War System

about a fella who loved Total war and its games while playing a game of total war warhammer 2 he lost his main army due to a ambush while streaming and he in rage threw a cod style Tomahawk at his wall in anger but it rebounded and hit him square between the eyes thus ending his life while streaming many will clip that for generations as the best self tomahawk after his death he awakes in a strange world with no cloths on or any items axcept his tomahawk :HAHAHA: and a system never seen before see how he steps in this unknown world

Nathan_Hinds · War&Military

War of the Races

Daniel Reas Age: 23 Profession: Game - Alpha Tester Social Status: Single/Virgin While testing a new game he is transported to a new world know as the Verdant Realm. It is filled with Gods and Goddesses, Elves, Dwarves, High-humans known Aesir, Vanir and Barbarians, Animals, Dragons, and more. However, the world is not what it seems, and a foretold cataclysm may yet destroy it before he's strong enough to save it. ——(!)—— The backdrop of this fantasy world is both beautiful and harsh. The Prime Races escaped Midgard just before a global cataclysm at the height of their Age of Science, Sorcery, and Pagan Religion. of their pagan religious culture. Within there side-slip dimension called the Green Realm, Verdant Realm, or the Garden. They grew side-by-side with mankind on Midgard until present day. 5000 years later their culture is steeped in pagan traditions that have led to prostitution being sanctioned and promoted by various churches, and very open and even incestuous life-styles. The ratio of monogamous to polygomist relationships is about 50/50. Harems and reverse harems are equally commonplace. Given the very limited animal resorces they brought with them they used science and magic to splice every animal species with Alari, Dvergr, or Giant DNA creating hybrids named the Animals, Insects, and various marine life. Later they spliced certain tree’s DNA into Alfari thereby creating the Arboreals. Even in a fantasy there is oppression, racism, religious anamosity, political corruption, and corporate greed. In the Garden Realm the fantastic is everywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to live but brutally easy to die. (Warning: This is an adult fantasy with graphic adult themes and scenes. Graphic nudity, sex, violence, and language.)

OwenQuillin · Fantasy