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Starting from the gun shop Gangster Life/ MTL

College student Ye Qing, occasionally got the system dad. With the help of the system, in this era when the weapon market is becoming saturated, we reserve technology, accumulate contacts, and gradually expand our business territory. Starting from a small gun shop, to become the world's number one military contractor and supplier. Book Friends: 423078116 RAW LInk: https://read.qidian.com/chapter/QpXYgVmfAinVl9ByXxZ_TQ2/r4KYXqCYLQbwrjbX3WA1AA2

MTL · War&Military
Not enough ratings

Tales of kings

civilizations rise ,society divides ,wars spreads . a full historical documentary and story of the fictional world of terra . Indulge into fantasy adventure with unique and individual characters with outline on events such as war and unifications of empires

mj_delaroca · Fantasy
Not enough ratings