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When Two Broken Hearts Collide [Filipino]

It's a story of a true friendship. Despite all the hardship, true friends will stay, guiding you and helping you all the way up. Some people come and go but true friends never leave your side no matter what it takes. When Lhaiel San Diego's married proposal went wrong, he was really devastated, specially when his girlfriend marries another man. He thought, without her, his life was useless, but his love for her never change. He became alcoholic. He drowned himself with alcohol, hoping it bitter taste can wash away all the pain. When he thought everything was over, his friends proved that life was not all about hurt and pain like what he was thinking. His friends never leave his side, despite the fact that him being a jerk. And there's Alleya Rojas. Like him, Alleya was also brokenhearted. Got dumped by her boyfriend. She was also devastated, she felt something was missing. She felt like half of her heart was forcefully torn out of her. But something unexpected happened, she met a guy in a very unexpected place, nearly died with this dude who had helped her when her ex-boyfriend, and its current girlfriend humiliated her in front of many people. She thought nothing of it but this guy kept on popping out of nowhere, helping her deal with her ex-boyfriend. Then a 'deal, ' suddenly made. What's going to happen when two broken hearts collided? Was a broken heart can mend another broken heart? Or just like their past, this will lead them again into tiny pieces.

Avvynibini ยท Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings