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The Monster X The Angel (Lui X Valt)

Lui Shirosagi is a cold hearted blader who cares about nothing and no one, except for himself and his bey. But what if he makes an agreement with his enemy? How will his life change? Valt Aoi has a plan for him, but Lui doesn't realise what the young bladder's doing until it's too late. This plan requires sacrifice, and Lui's more than prepared to make them. But what about everyone else? And why did the wonder boy ask the white tyrant to do it all, anyway? "Hey, Lui?" "Yeah, what's up?" "Thank you." "For what?" "For making my friends happy instead of hurting them." "No problem, squirt. And you know what? You're not that bad." "Neither are you." "Do you think we're going to survive all of this?" "Without a doubt."

Funimation_777 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings