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My Childhood love

If love is true, paths will meet no matter how much you are far away from each other. True lovers are destined to be together. Rosie was from a middle class family who fell in love in a very young age of 12. She finally got her love of life after 3 years. But circumstances made them broke up. Rosie couldn't tolerate this and ended up suffering from PTSD. Samuel was from a rich family who loves Rosie whole heartedly but due to some reasons he had to stay away from her. Distance will hurt Rosie, so he broke up not specifying the reason and went away . Read the story, you will get to know....what actually happened. >>>>>> New writer here..hope you all like it.

Rosie_joo · Teen
Not enough ratings

Comb Your Hair A Hundred Times

It is always the unconditional love that wins. Wait for your moment to shine, not everyone is at an equal pace. We may live in a dream where our fantasies are at. But we should know that it'll not be forever and that we should wake up soon. He likes her. She like someone else. But did he gave up?

jajaxvi · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings