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Vork's Vow Empire [Ongoing]

Their company was prestigious, well-known, and exclusive among the citizen of the world. But what you did not know was what inspires them to be the greatest of them all. First, we have Noah Vork, who was in love with his first love when he caught an interest in a Scottish girl that was on vacation in Denmark. Then, we have Malthe Vork, the next in line to keep the legacy alive when he stumbled upon a girl that took his heart away. Then, we have Owen Vork, who was supposed to be opening a new branch of the company when he stumbled upon a beauty that refused to be the company's model. Last but not least, we have Jeffrey Vork, who was supposed to be searching for a replacement for his PA when he stumbled upon a flower that will be so much more. Find out what happened to this legendary company as their owners went through their struggles of finding their true love, putting the meaning of the Vork's Vow into a permanent place.

Nikki_Larousse ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings