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Prankster Boyfriend

Selene was always calm and understanding. Except when her boyfriend Zach was pranking her. Be it funny or not she can't help but get annoyed. Is her mind small that she can't keep her calm and her attitude. She had tried to but in the end she won't do anything but sigh. She had no way to voice her thoughts. She was also afraid that Zach would leave her anytime she will complain to him. She had always been insecure to herself. Be it her body or her face. Her voice or her smile, she always get so down. She had no confidence and that was the reason why she temporarily stopped her career as a Super Model. Zach was a mischievous actor on cam but a serious business man in reality. They met at a very unexpected event that change her life. They met when her life got hard, when her self confidence vanished. He was there and cheered her up. Can she still keep up and hide what she really felt. The negative comments about her dating him was eating her, swallowing her whole. Years of fighting was making her weak bit by bit. Would she still fight for the both of them or lose him to find herself?

xxTeukxx · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

What Alpha Wants

Milan is a vlogger but unfortunately, she got something Alpha wants and what Alpha wants, Alpha gets. "Ano ba talaga kailan mo sakin? You're rich at kilala ka ng mga tao mali pala tinitingala ka ng mga tao in just a snap of your finger you can get what you want." "I want the video." He said as his jaw tightened "So tama nga, may hidden agenda ka kung bakit mo ginawa lahat ng yon para lang sa video na 'yon. " Ang sarap pumalakpak nagpauto ako sakanya lahat ng ginawa niya kalokohan lang pala. "IT'S NOT JUST A VIDEO!" "Then just go to my channel and watch that god damn video you're hungry to get. " " Do you think we'll go this far if I could just watch that video easily. You know what I'm talking about so please give it to me Milan." "I don't know what you're talking about so please, just leave."

rocoquille · Teen
Not enough ratings

With ü

Dana and Simon are star cross lovers. Parallel universe ang peg ng love story nila. Childhood friends na nagkahiwalay at nagkita ulit and remained the same. Friends. Is it really true ba? Does their feelings remained the same? Eh paano na if alam pala ni dana ang sikreto ni simon kaya pinipilit niya ang sarili niyang hindi niya magugustuhan si simon? What if because of a simple dare magbago ang lahat? Mabigyan kaya ng chance ang love story nila or will they stay the same till the end?

francescabernice_ · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings