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Two Sides of the Coin

Ailee Alcantara, A famous E-sport professional player playing mainly in 'Utopia'; a virtual reality fantasy game made by Skull Games. She was found dead in her condominium, hanging herself which shocks the media and the competitive scene. Her Twin, Alvin Alcantara is a Captain of the Philippine Army heard the news of her suicide. Devastated by the news and doubt that there is no reason for taking her life by the investigation. He later found out that his twin was in deep shit recently that she cannot tell him directly that will put him in danger too. Swearing himself to find out the truth, he will dive into the world of UTOPIA and fulfill her last wish bestowed upon him. "Para sa kapatid kong nagpakamatay at napagkaitan, sa mata ng batas ay hindi man sila mapaparusahan. Pero alam ng buong maykapal na sila ang may kasalanan, Ako mismo ang karmang sisira sa kanilang pinaghirapan." .

Raysly ยท Video Games
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