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NPC into Player: Let's Wreck This Game

It's a story about a shameless, wicked, and a twisted player who seeks to destroy everything inside a new VR game to prove his beliefs right and achieve his goals. **Two virtual reality games started at the same time. After seven years, one game was thriving and became a world phenomenon, and the other was considered a total failure. Bloom was an NPC at the failed game. He had his life destroyed by the game developers’ one wrong decision. For years he hated two things in his entire doomed, miserable life; the game developers, and the other successful game, known as: Eternal Glory. In an unbelievable twist of fate, he was reincarnated seven years back, to the time where the two games started, inside the body of a human player. He decided to use his past life memories and enter the successful game to destroy everything that made it that successful. What turn of fate would he end up at? Will he succeed in ruining the Eternal Glory game? Will he change his mind? Let’s find this out together… _____________________________________ “Isn’t he the player to trigger that legendary mainline quest? I will kill him, and make him lose the sacred item of the quest!” “Isn’t this the place where players will find the crucial magic ore for healing the shrine sacred relic? I will take it and throw it away! No more mainline quests to be completed under my watch!”

ranmaro · Video Games

Into a Fantasy

“Dream World” is the most popular realistic VR (virtual reality) game that caters to more than half of the people on a futuristic Earth. An ordinary teenager who sets his game name to Scott Wayland enters the virtual world as an orphan near the city of Lucis. The story starts when, a few years later, his mentor dies and gives him an ultimate quest which Scott has no choice but to strive to complete. In the middle of his mission, he encounters a high-level Sorceress who helps him on his quest by recruiting five other players to raid the fortress of the man who killed his mentor in cold blood.

AubreyLewis · Video Games
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