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Real Vituality: Visions of Terra

Monster and Boss spawn, Leveling up, Buying equipment and Dueling. . . Real Virtuality is a real life staged set created to promulgate to the world---We are physically fit even for a Gamer! And so, this is the story of reality and virtual world coincide. Centering the adventures of disabled trio; the Blind, the Mute and the Deaf. _____________________ _____________________ Other Information: Real Virtuality is a multi-user immersive platform combining a 3D environment – which can be seen and heard through a virtual reality (VR) headset – with a real life stage set. Users are tracked by a motion capture system allowing them to see their own bodies, move physically in the virtual environment and interact with physical objects. {Source:http://artanim.ch/project/real-virtuality/} _____________________

SelfMadePlotArmor · Fantasy
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