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Reborn as a Viltrumite in Smallville with my Brother as Clark

will start writing in summer. looking forward to writing this. working on drafts now. OK. I died in the worst coincidence possible. A plane crashed on me, whereas a truck ran my brother over. Now here I am, in Smallville, as the SON OF THRAGG, raised by a HUMAN NOLAN GRAYSON AND DEBBIE! My God that just sounds blastphamous. Now it's not all bad, it turns out that Thragg specifically chose Nolan to raise me because, turns out, Nolan is a General in the Army (what, thought Thragg would settle for anything else?). And you wanna know the kicker? My brother was reborn as Kal-El! (he will be writing half of this. It will be split between us.)

terry_taylor ยท Martial Arts
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