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The Ultimate Villain System: The Journey as a Not-so-Villainess

If it wasn’t enough for Gemma White to meet her unfortunate demise on the day of her graduation, she has been abducted on her final ascension to Heaven! Abducted?? Not on her bucket list!! She was kidnapped by the infamous demi-god who was the boss of the infamous, corrupted Villainy Department 13. Handsome but dreadfully a devilish man. What's worse was that she now has to take a full-on crash course on how to become a villain. NOPE! Not interested in this!! Keep your dangerous corrupted mind to yourself! Mr. Boss! As if the Gods have abandoned her (they did): Talking about no cheats? No special skills? Screwed plots? Sh*tty romances in the multiverse? System ready to destroy the world! [Check!] Boss of the Department is a psycho! [Check!] Impossible missions to be villain [Check!] Lazy, unmotivated, and unwilling host! [Double check!] Where is the resignation paper!?! But why is her Boss trying out his devilishly evil flirty tricks with her? Unfortunately, she's NOT interested in Stockholm Syndrome!! *** But it seems as if there more trouble: People from all over the Hero and Justice Department are all targeting for her head. Even godly- and handsome angels too?! But she doesn't care about herself... she's worried about the angelic men: I Repeat this! STAY AWAY! From this corrupted department!! Or else you will be infected a villainous victim! *** Follow Gemma as she TRIES to lead a path of villainy to become the Last Hidden Villain Boss. Can she do it? Or will she betray..? Or... What is this weird feeling in her chest? Love? Betrayal? Revenge? Anger? And happiness? *** 'I should be fine right? Being a villain can't be that bad... though killing and torturing people are not my forte...' ... mins later... 'I TAKE IT BACK! DON'T KILL ME- MALE LEAD! I AM SORRY! I AM SORRY!! I DID NOT MEAN TO KILL YOUR FEMALE LEAD!' *** "Goodluck!"

Tanisha_Mazumder_4401 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings