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The Very(x12) Great System

A classic system novel (maybe not)

lingmenren · Video Games
Not enough ratings


My name is Oliver Wright. I know what you’re thinking, I’m the main character of this story. So, I must have been blessed with extraordinary powers, right? I must’ve woke up one day and gained incredible strength. If so, your wrong… My story is different than the well-known cliché. The society I live in is corrupt. The people here are born with extraordinary abilities. Something we’ve taken to call Birthrights. Heroes are nothing more than fairy tales in this world. This is my story. I will seek vengeance against the corrupt Hero Society. No matter the cost.

Gavin8r · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Rise Of The Anarchists

A divided world/rise from ashes/A quest for power/A quest for vengeance/A quest for chaos/All for anarchy After the final world the world was divvied up between the only remaining superpowers The Empire- A corrupt monarchy where commoners lives are cheap as dirt The Stratocracy- A military dictatorship that controlled each and every aspect of its citizen's lives. All are pawns. The remaining countries banded together to form the third superpower- The Hope Federation. Which was just a big joke. They might have been called the hope-crushing federation for its one-party capitalist regime. Rising from the ashes of their past, watch our young heroes try to survive in the cruel world. Watch their rise to power as they try to change the world Watch .... as they instead become the villains the world fears the most. --------------------------------- This is basically the prequel to my story, Return of The Anarchists that had placed 5th on the WPC #110 The backstories of the characters are just to awesome to be ignored. However there might some minor difference from the provided backstory in that book. Thanks for reading and do give a like if you like the book.

ThePotatoKing · Martial Arts
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