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Red Prince of Carnage

Red Prince of Carnage

Dark, brutal and it will send shock waves down your spine. It will be bloody with guts flying out. It will be everything but nice. One thing is for sure...it's will be entertaining. [Serial killer thrust into a magical world] If you think I'm a good guy, you're wrong. You are so very wrong. I'm Red, an animal. I'll do everything imaginable to reach my goal. I feed on the thrills. On What makes a human mind tick. The reason why one screams. How much pain can the ego take before it shatters? I was not expecting that my little business of revenge would come to an end so soon. This twist of fate was something I never saw coming. I bet no one could... it was simply... impossible. All rights reserved (c). Helena Seryma 2019/2020

Helena_Seryma ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings