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Reincarnated in an Otome game?! I don't care.

Blake Hecate is the Chairman AND CEO of a world wide famous company (this is a special case don't say anything and go with the flow!)mainly of medicine and owns a also worldwide needless to say prestigious hospital. The man mentioned has another secret in his childhood too. (read to find out.) For some reason has an addiction for music. And knows tons of songs up from sweet to romantic all the way down to cold and emo. What everyone doesn't know is that he's a huge otaku especially in Isekai genres, but of course he wasn't an idiot he doesn't know every language up from letters down to accents for noting you know, anyway he doesn't wish to be reincarnated or isekai'd. God got took an interest in the supposed cold man. later he died in a car accident, from God's mistake. Then he got reincarnated .

Akira_Snowflake · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

Villainess: Switch Roles

What will happen when the female lead has a role switched with the number one villainess of their book world? Annie woke up and realized she was inside the body of her number one enemy and villainess of her story. Her world crumble with the realization that every people hates her. Everyone wants to pinched her to death. Her fiance, the male lead, wants to kill her for the "new female lead". What's make her situation worse, the number one villain make a contract marriage with the original villainess. Annie: What?? Return my body. Return my life! System: Toot toot, It's too late now, host. Annie:.... **** Sunny (Annie): Honey, they hate and angry with me. But I'm innocent. Jenard: It's okay, honey. I will avenge you. (Jenard secretly thinks, It's okay that everyone hates you honey so that all of your attention will be focus on me) *evil laugh*

LenceMary · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings